Are you sitting there, pen in hand, looking at a blank piece of paper and wondering what to write?

Most people entering the competition will be but then, a single thought will come into their heads. Did that just happen for you? Write it down!

Look at what you have written, and then, as other words come into your mind, write those down, too.


Look out of your window and as someone walks past, write down what they are doing. That could be the start of your story.

It could be the milkman delivering the milk. It could be the postman coming up your path, or a cat running across the street.


What could the thing they are doing be made into something fantastic, or just interesting? Or, what does your imagination say they could be doing?

Could the milkman, on his way back to his milk float, suddenly do something that makes your jaw drop? What was it? Write it down! Or did he do nothing except what you imagined?

Did the cat suddenly jump 20ft into the air and land on the roof of a house? It couldn’t happen in real life but, it could happen in your head!


The best writers all read. They learn different things from different writers and they will learn their own ways of writing a story so before trying to write your story, pick up a book, read it and look at how the writer uses words.


As soon as you start, keep going right until you’ve finished. Once you have your story, you then have the idea and you can play around with it and keep playing around with it until you believe it is a great story.